Forever friends

This Installation is the millennium project of birdman. From his point of view it was very exciting to be a contributing artist at a millennium, because for roughly the next one thousand years there will not be another one. His plan was to create an Installation existing out of 2000 artworks that would melt into each other - becoming one entity. He added some artworks of his longtime friend Jens Mohr. In honour of their twenty five year long friendship he called the Installation „Forever friends“. It includes all the artworks that birdman has created until this date, except the ones which have been sold. That means that he started from scratch.

Of this work he comments : „To have nothing anymore was both fulfilling and liberating as well“. He gave all his created artworks to the Museum de Stadshof in Zwolle, The Netherlands as a present. In exchange the Museum dedicated a room for his work and was going to present it as a permanent exhibition. Unfortunately the Museum closed down for good, shortly after the opening of his installation. All the artworks have been taken down and were packed for years in hundreds of boxes. In 2006 most of the "De Stadshof collection" went to the Museum Dr. Guislain in Gent, Belgium to be presented there together with birdman’s installation „Forever friends“. In addition the Museum dedicated a room to him and since that time his artwork is presented as a permanent exhibition.

Benedikt Fuhrmann