At the age of 25 I moved into a shared flat with Oliver in Stuttgart/Germany. He met regularly with a friend to paint. Our living room was transformed these evenings into a studio. They were creative and I was sitting next to them, watching TV. I would have loved to paint with them as well, but they did not ask me to join them, and I did not want to disturb their togetherness. One evening his friend did not show up. Oliver asked me if I would like to join and paint a canvas. I had been waiting for this question for a long time. With great enthusiasm I immediately said „Yes!“.


Within minutes the canvas was completely covered with paint. It was like an explosion. A rush of colours. I was captivated and carried away. The bright colours fascinated me, they were so intense and vibrant, that I got suddenly drawn in . All that had been bottled up inside me suddenly sputtered out. After my first canvas was completed I needed to paint more. There wasn’t any more. Oliver and I had long discussions about the shelves in the kitchen cabinet. They were his and he did not want to give them to me. I could not wait - I needed to continue immediately then. The shops were closed already.

My plan was to leave the house and if anything would have been placed outside a house, I was going to ask if I could have it. That day luckily was the bulk trash day collection. At the garage next door, someone had put out twenty half door size wooden panels, to me a gift from heaven. After I had carried them all home I was able to continue what has entered newly into my life. I felt as if new born, completely energised. That night I painted until the early hours in the morning, until all the panels were painted and almost all the paint was finished. Since that day I never stopped creating. I could not know that it was going to be my profession and long life passion…...

Benedikt Fuhrmann