Little fish

The short stories written by birdman are either experienced or dreamed. He dreamed the following in India and brought it to paper after waking up. 


A fish in the ocean incessantly tries to jump out of the water. This is very exhausting. „Why do you do that?“, asks the ocean. „I feel alone, sad, weak, helpless and ugly. If only a fisherman would catch me in his net, that I could finally be good for something at least. I have been looking for such a long time for peace and happiness.“ The ocean answers: „You can not look for peace and happiness, they can not be found outside. Peace and happiness are always already within you. You fulfill me, because you are living inside myself and I fulfill you, because I am giving you the space to live. You are a small, simple, plain and beautiful fish. Why do you compare yourself with others? Everything is good as it is. Accept the way you are. Can’t you see, that you have got all the freedom to swim to wherever you want? You can move freely within me and I am always with you. You are never alone. Everything is possible with me. You have the power and greatness of the ocean."

Benedikt Fuhrmann