birdman Hans Langner

Temple of birds

One moment ago one was standing on Vienna Rennweg in familiar worldly life. Now having entered the reich of birdman, everything is falling away and is left behind. All of a sudden one is in an completely different space, a world that is mysterious and dreamlike. The world of birds - the temple of birds - the temple of freedom. Immediately mesmerized, one sinks deeper and deeper into this captivating installation. A trip to foretime begins, our archaic entity is touched.

Not knowing where to look first, the eyes are drawn from object to object. Hundreds of artworks are tightly arranged without any gaps inbetween, merging into each other and becoming one in this mind blowing overall installation. Uncountable birds cover the walls, the ceiling and the floor and look at the visitor. It is sumptuous and almost overloaded, yet it emanates beauty in its' shape and colours. There is a sense of almost incapable harmony, which is fascinating . It is so inviting that one feels immediately secure and at home. Aesthetic in its purest form and on the other hand full of radiating splendor.

Truly it feels like being in a temple, a holy place. Grace and elegance shines from every corner. Hans Langner says about his temple: „From one to completeness - merging within everything - becoming one. One can only create what is within. Through dedication to a deep spiritual path my art is developing in this direction. It is a mirror image of myself. I feel complete and whole that is the reason why I was able to create this sanctuary. It is as if I have been worked to complete this.“

The artist works mainly with existing objects, transforming and combining them to give them a new meaning. The flea markets from Vienna and Malta have changed and influenced his art. In flea markets the "collector of treasures“ finds superb objects which have no further purpose for their owners. He honours and brings them back to life by re giving them the recognition for which they were originally constructed by rearranging them in this opulent installation. Most of the works that he has created within the last three years, while living in Vienna, have been integrated into this work of art. Here and there he has integrated some earlier works. Some of his enormous tapestries are part of this work as well. After painting birds for more than 20 years he has found a new technique. By painting the tapestries he is no longer painting birds, he paints the background - the essence, making the invisible birds visible and thereby "freeing them" from the tapestries.

Hans Langner dedicated some space in the installation to his longtime companion Jens Mohr. The two have been friends for twenty five years, Jens is presenting his animals and human sculptures here as a perfect symbiosis of the two artists work.

Hans has managed to create a holy place with his art. Vienna has got a new temple in honour of art, a temple of freedom where no birds are kept in cages...